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2024 Magicae Optimum Daily Grimoire

2024 Magicae Optimum Daily Grimoire

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The 2024 Magicae Optimum Daily Grimoire (MODG) is a daily time and Magic keeper. This Grimoire is the true Witch's planner.


**For The Witches Packs, See separate listing**


This is an all-in-one Book of Shadows, astro-weather guide, and a tracker for your dreams, intentions, and everyday magic. MODG is here to help you stay focused and present as you walk your own unique path.


Each day allows you to focus on Magic. Your daily view includes the day’s astrology down to the degree. Every month has an overview detailing the moon cycles, major planetary transits (hello retrogrades), the Witch’s sabbaths, as well as major holidays.


This Daily Grimoire contains art, quotes, witchy knowledge, and tips to teach, inspire, and entertain.


Now the only question is, are you ready to

Optimize Your Magic with the Magicae Optimum 2024 Daily Grimoire.



796 pages

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