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Are You Dreaming Now? Dream Journal **PREORDER**

Are You Dreaming Now? Dream Journal **PREORDER**

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**This is is available for PREORDER, Dream Journal ships after the launch of Runa Troy's Deam Academy**

Runa's Dream Academy Workbook
A Runa Troy x Darling Weirdos Collaboration

Welcome Dream Worker.

What an exciting time for you! You’ve taken the first step towards harnessing the magic and power of the messages in your dreams. Without recording your dreams and taking time to understand them, you cannot harness that power or magic.

Runa’s Dream Academy Workbook will give you 30 days of deep dream work which always leads to a deeper understanding of your dreams. This workbook contains self-guided instructions, especially considering the following example pages. Crafted as a tool for Runa’s dream worker students within Runa’s Dream Academy, this workbook is now available to anyone seeking their dream-working path.

This book is filled with additional magic from Darling Weridos and Runa Troy. Everything done with magical intention is all the more powerful. May you find the messages and guidance of the Dream Maker to bring you to your most authentic self and best life. Yes, dreamworker, understanding your dreams can do that.

The Big Question

This book will prompt you to repeatedly ask yourself: Are You Dreaming Now?This is a method, discussed in great detail in Runa’s Dream Academy, to help train your mind and higher consciousness towards better dream recall. Each time you see it listed in the workbook, ask yourself that question. You’re encouraged to ask yourself the same questions throughout your day and before bed. Done in conjunction with recording in your workbook for a month, being able to remember and assess all your dream activity and data often leads to intuitively knowing more accurately what your dream messages mean. Amazing!

Easy How-To

Dedicate a month’s worth of time to doing this. Consecrate the workbook, on a new moon if you’re called. Bless it in the name of your ancestors or preferred deity. Understand, however, that it’s a workbook. The key word is work. You need to commit to doing it. Additionally, you’re invited to consider joining Runa’s Dream Academy found through her Patreon page. Having support and mentorship in this journey is available, but the creators of Are You Dreaming Now? would certainly encourage you to do it on your own if you so choose.

Do It Again

Once you’ve been through one month of doing this, consider starting a fresh workbook to continue the practice. Dreams are a wealth of information and we only need to decide we want to avail ourselves of it. We won’t be surprised if it becomes one of the core practices in your life. Dreams are a never-ending flow of energy from the great Universe that helps us divine better selves, lives, and communities. Let’s get to work!

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