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The Daily Curative

The Daily Curative

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The Daily Curative is a medicinal record keeper of your child's (or loved ones) daily medicines.


Inspired by my tiny human's own battle with leukemia and being his nurse, The Daily Curative is a place to keep track of medications given, including times and dosages.  Never again will you have to question if or when you gave your child their medicine and how much you gave.  With room to keep track of questions for the doctor, a water log, and my version of the Wong-Baker Pain scale.  


The Daily Curative is a 7x10 paperback with 111 days worth of entries and up to 7 medications daily.  


The Daily Curative is the inaugural journal of The Fates collection.  Where 18% of proceeds will be directly donated to a corresponding cause.  In the case of The Daily Curative, 18% will be donated to childhood cancer research, child life cancer programs at hospitals, or even directly to a family recently diagnosed.  Each month the donation recipient may change, but the donation will always be made to the people fighting against childhood cancer.  


This month the donation will go to the Jonathon Jacques Children's Cancer Institute. 

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